Kreepy Klown Doll Painting “From Daddy”

Submitted by Howie Pyro September 26th, 2009

This has always creeped me out…it is soooo evil looking….it is from Daddy & was dated 12/10/53…i wanted to remove this beast from the general public so i asked Bettie Page to help me catch it…she lured it in…but had her whip ready…


and then i caught it in a mock cage that is an actually an antique church shrine wall item. There he stays as not to creep out anyone unless i say so.


3 Responses to “Kreepy Klown Doll Painting “From Daddy””

  1. Allee Willis

    Seriously creepy painting though I love your collection of photos regarding clowns with pointy heads. I know this kind of clown with a hard plastic face and the shiny fabric body though I never got into that genre as a kid. So great that you have a photo of it with Bettie Page!

    Totally nutty that someone would have done a painting of this toy not to mention sign it ‘From Daddy’. Ooh, way too scary of a daddy.

    I’m happier with that clown trapped in the coffin-like case in the bottom photo. And what’s with that displaced hip?

  2. Howie Pyro

    haha…he has 2 displaced hips…actually more of a “boo-tay” for some weird reason…he’s the only thing that ever fit in that large display box so there he stays till something else comes along…