One Response to “Benita”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have a really large collection of these kind of dolls which I especially like when I find in the original packaging from which I never take them out of. I’ve never even seen Benita before which makes me love her even more. She really is an absolutely stunning example of what one dreams of finding in a dollar store.

    First of all, is her country “African America” or is she “African America”? You can’t get any kitschier than when both answers are incorrect. Then there’s that painfully plain flap at the top that boasts Benita is not only “World Collection” but “Special Edition”. Throw in the African sash in distinctly American late ’60s colors joining those little shaded ’70’s green clouds. All topped off by a one shoulder tablecloth dress thing that bunches at the waist, three count them three bracelets and the most Caucasian hairdo possible. All in all, this is really A+ material.