Chicken McNuggets Fiesta Packaging

Submitted by jack September 29th, 2009
fiesta1 fiesta2

This is another Chicken McNugget promotion from the late 80s. This time the dipping sauces were Latin American themed and you received a free Latin American coin with your purchase. Pictured are the coins (still in their wrappers), the cardboard piece that was made to display the coins, the bag used in the promotion, and a sign that was used in the drive-thru menu.

3 Responses to “Chicken McNuggets Fiesta Packaging”

  1. Allee Willis

    I absolutely love that you collect all this packaging.

    I never went for McNuggets as it was so blasphemous that they were invading sacred hamburger territory.

    I’m not sure why they connected chicken with Latin themed sauces but I love the idea of McD giving free coins away, though I see you had to spring for a 9 or 20 piece spread to get it.

    Beyond anything, I love that you saved everything.