Matador and Bull on Black Velvet

Submitted by kookykitsch September 29th, 2009

Beautifully done (if there is such a thing) matador and bull on black velvet. take note of the sparkles on the matador’s costume…velvetbullfighter

One Response to “Matador and Bull on Black Velvet”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m certainly not someone to turn their nose up at anything on black velvet though sometimes I get a little tired of the Matadors (probably because I can’t deal with what they do to the bulls). But this particular bull black velvet has several distinguishing features that propel it into a higher class. The sparkles on the Matador’s outfit are, of course outstanding. I love that the cape he’s holding up (isn’t that supposed to be red?) looks like he’s shooting two rays of sparkles into the bull. And hasn’t the bull already charged past the cape heading for the crown jewels? And what are they standing on? Fire? Water? Tissue paper?