Dawn of the Dead Board Game

Submitted by jack October 1st, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner
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It is obvious most board games are aimed at kids and families. While many television shows and movies have gotten the board game treatment over the years, this one struck me as odd. This Dawn of the Dead board game based on a movie few kids interested in board games would ever have seen and is a game few parents would have purchased for them. After reading the instructions though it is obvious this was not aimed at kids. It is an interesting concept, but the game is extremely complex. I wouldn’t even attempt to break a game like this out on a game night. The rules are way to long for a casual player. It was made on the cheap too, which can be seen by the “board” which is nothing but sheet of paper and the pieces which are made of cheap cardboard.

There is something endearing about the game though. There was obviously a lot of thought put behind it, even though the entire thing is made of paper. The creators were obviously fans of the movie, and I can’t picture a board game being more true to the movie. Seeing the mall portrayed on the “board” and the pieces that were included is just as cool as can be to me. I might not mind playing it if I could ever find another person that would actually give it a chance. Since I can’t I will keep it sitting on the shelf its on.

2 Responses to “Dawn of the Dead Board Game”

  1. Allee Willis

    I wasn’t a Dawn Of The Dead fan but what you wrote about it got me completely hooked on this game, not the game itself as I’m someone who doesn’t even have the patience for Monopoly, but the fact that it was made so cheaply because the creator loved the movie so much and made it by any means necessary. There’s nothing that puts the K in Kitsch more than a board game that has a paper board. The cheap cardboard pieces make it even better. Though you’d think that if they sprung for cardboard for the pieces they may have gone the whole distance and made the board out of the same.

    Does the game have a date on it? Was it in conjunction with the 1978 original or something they pounded out after the 2004 remake? I am, of course, hoping for ’78.

  2. jack

    It was released in 1978 with the movie. I was too young to really know the game or the movie when it was out though. I was determined to track one down when I learned about this though.

    There is one other interesting thing to note about this game that is not typical with board games. It includes a set of rules to play with only one player. I really don’t think that would be much fun. I think playing a board game should be a social event, but it is still neat they included an option like that.