3 Responses to “The A Team Mr. T 1983 King-Seeley Thermos”

  1. Allee Willis

    Excellent Mr. T-ism going on here. With this said, the thing that always kills me about this newer kind of 80’s thermos is that they looked so mass-produced. In the old metal on the outside/glass on the inside days of thermoses the graphics were so elaborate. Not a milli-inch left undesigned. But with the proliferation of plastic thermoses the art direction went out the window and all we got was an image, usually stamped on only one side, small enough to safely stay within the ‘safe’ lines of the thermos surface so other designs of other celebrities with lunchbox deals could replace it and with all of the copyright info jammed in underneath.

    I know it’s not Mr. T’s fault and I can’t find any fault with Mr. T. once it comes to Kitsch so if you swap this photo with one that’s a little sharper so we can see all the beautyous detail of the man with the mohawk (give me a close-up of the copyright info too if you can) I’ll hang a Certifikitsch Of AuthenKitschity on it.