Vintage Monkey-like Plush and pillow Doll with googly eyes

Submitted by kookykitsch October 1st, 2009

monkeypillowThis is a 22″ tall monkey-like creature made out of a pillow body and plush arms and head. There is a bow on her head, bell earrings and googly eyes .

One Response to “Vintage Monkey-like Plush and pillow Doll with googly eyes”

  1. Allee Willis

    Okay, she’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen but I love her because her body, just the torso, is made out of a pillow, and a bed pillow at that from the looks of the pattern on the legs. Now, why on earth wouldn’t the arms also have been made out of a pillow? I was about to guess that this was a craft project and someone took a pre-made monkey, cut it off somewhere below the chest, jammed that into the pillow and stitched all the mismatched parts together. And then put on that hideous little outfit, which looks like it may have been made out of a sheet, to cover the operation up. But as I keep looking at it, that straggly piece of yarn spitting out of the monkeys mouth make the whole thing including the plush monkey parts look homemade too. And the way the ears are stitched on… and are those cheap wooden beads dangling from them? And is the yarn tied around one of her arms supposed to be a bracelet or is it holding the arm together? You know I’m pondering all of this in the name of Kitsch so any criticism I’m making of monkey-like creature makes me like her more and more!