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Fuzzy deer pen caddy

Submitted by Cheetah Velour October 4th, 2009
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Picked up this flocked (!) deer pen caddy at the thrift store yesterday. The pen was missing, so I added my own floaty pen for that extra touch of class.

I found this along with a souvenir ashtray and a souvenir shot glass caddy. I really have to wonder who would get rid of such treasures. They seem like someone I would like to know.

4 Responses to “Fuzzy deer pen caddy”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is gorgeous though I’m shocked that the name of a state isn’t stamped on any of the blank wood.

    Of course, any time an animal or, for that matter, anything is flocked it rises in weight on the Kitsch scale.

    If you got this pen caddy the same place you got the Best Friends Shot Glass Caddy, already a CertifiKitsch winner, I would guess, as I think you already have, that these two things were owned by the same person. And usually things like these don’t happen in ones or twos but in entire collections. So I’m sick you only got to the thrift store yesterday as I would further guess that many more little animal friends and their matching writing implements, glasses, calendars and such sat on the shelf next to these and were snatched up before you got there.

    • Cheetah Velour

      Thanks, Allee! About every other day I see a real deer walking around down there, but on that day- nothing! How perfect would that be?

      I love animal figures. They are nothing at all like the animals they are supposed to depict, but just as loveable!

  2. Cheetah Velour

    Nope, no state or tourist attraction stamped anywhere.

    The thrift gods were smiling on me when I found this next to the shot glass caddy and dog pee ashtray. I would love to know what else the original owner had in their collection(s)! I could make up a whole story about this person, and I don’t even know them.