Sherry Trifle

Submitted by Dion October 4th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

Some time ago we had friends over from the US, we made a trifle and discovered not only had they never seen it before, but they loved it and had us sending recipes and ingredients over for quite a while after as they were introducing it to everyone they knew, they said they didn’t haveit in America at all, I verified this with Allee last week, it’s a desert dish, very often made at Christmas over here and very much a party food. If you don’t love it, your friends will as it is delicious and it contains Allee’s favourite ingredient…. jello!

Firstly, you need sponge cake, over here we can actually buy trifle sponges which come in a packet and are in fingers and sort of firm, but you can use normal sponge cake, prefereably let it go a little dry though as this works better than fresh, light sponge, also the denser the better.

So, stage one, take a large desert bowl, something like you’d make a fruit punch in. Take your sponge and line the bottom of the bowl and then build until you have filled about 2 thirds of the bowl (variations later) Now make your favourite flavour of jello and pour it over the sponge so that it just covers it. Place in the refrigerator and allow to set.

The next layer may take some explaining, over here we have a custard mix called birds custard, now I’m reliably informed that this is VERY hard to come by in the US, but if you cannot find it, don’t worry, it just means you have to make some custard the old fashioned way with egg yolks and milk and vanilla, look for a recipe for custard, a word of warning when making custard, heat it VERY slowly, stirring all the time or you will spoil the consistency. When the custard is finished, allow it to cool but not go completely cold, just slightly lukewarm. Now add a generous layer of custard onto the set jello/sponge mix, probably about half as thick as the jello is, definetly no more, but a little less is fine. Return it to the refrigerator and allow to chill.

Next, on top of the custard goes a nice layer of whipped cream, you can use the aerosol stuff at a pinch if you’re lazy but fresh whipped cream is best, top with some flaked chocolate and keep in the refrigerator until you serve it.


When layering the sponge you can also add some fruit in there just to make it a little more special, strawberry and raspberry are probably the most popular flavours.

When you have made your jello, add a glug of Sherry, this makes the other variant as we have ‘trifle’ and ‘sherry trifle’ Trust me, if you make this once you WILL be making it again!

3 Responses to “Sherry Trifle”

  1. Allee Willis

    Bravo to Dion for the extreme amount of detail in this recipe! I’m very detailed oriented and when someone just paints the broad strokes so that you’re so confused while trying to follow their directions or panicked that you’re not doing it right you’re annoyed with them before you even finish the recipe. Dion has anticipated every question so that anyone wishing to make this Kitsch delight need not fear following his lead.

    I must start off saying I’m not a sponge cake fan. I’d rather eat a real sponge. But that being said, each layer of this trifle allows for an adventurous aKitschionado to add their own spin so it has very promising desert-with-a-capital-K possibilities.

    I’d start out by swapping the sponge cake for some real kind of cake. And I’d probably make the Jell-O blue and throw in M&Ms or chocolate chips instead of fruit. I’m not a sherry drinker but maybe a splash of Yoo-Hoo for that final hit.

  2. Dion

    Thank you Allee, but trust me, you won’t recognise sponge in your trifle, the jello soaks into the sponge completely and it sets as a sort of textured jello, it is truly a delight and I think if you try this you’ll become an addict.

  3. Dion

    Whaddya know, I found a youtube of a guy making a trifle which illustrates what happens with the jello/sponge combo, he almost gets it right but whatever that stuff is he puts between the jello and custard we don’t do that here, don’t even know what that product is, also he doesn’t top with cream in this. having said that you can customise trifle to your hearts content, my version above is a traditional english trifle. Anyway, check out this guys youtube as it is a really good vid :-