Unopened ‘LBJ Musical Portrait’ LP by Tedd Browne

Submitted by Travis Goodwin October 27th, 2009


From the man who brought you ‘Lake George Musical Portrait’ and ‘Savannah River Musical Portrait,’ comes a loving tribute to our 36th President, Lyndon Baines Johnson, entitled ‘LBJ Musical Portrait’. In 1965, he would have the thrill of a lifetime performing at LBJ’s inaugural ball. .

Tracks on this album include “LBJ Met Lady Bird,” “Everybody Loves Lyndon,” and “A Tragic Day in Dallas.”

Accompaniment on the album is provided by Ernest Calabria (guitar), Walter Raim (guitar), and Bill Lee (bass). Calabria and Raim were both member’s of Harry Belafonte’s band and Lee is the father of Spike Lee.

10 Responses to “Unopened ‘LBJ Musical Portrait’ LP by Tedd Browne”

  1. Allee Willis

    With titles like “LBJ Met Lady Bird” and “Everybody Loves Lyndon” the songwriter in me is dying to hear this! Are these instrumentals or are there lyrics? One always hopes for lyrics as the possibilities to kick it up a notch on the kitsch scale increase exponentially.

    Sounds like Tedd Brown – love the double d’s – specializes in ‘musical portraits’, another phrase that opens up the possibility of quantity of kitsch contained within wide. But that’s tempered with the fact that extremely legit players were on bass and guitars. Though it wouldn’t be the first time great players played cheesy gigs to build up the coin. I can only hope for the worst.

    Larger photo, please, if possible. Can be 500 pixels wide and any length. I want to award this or the Christopher Recordings on Sex Instruction LP a Certifikitsch Of AuthenKitschity and need all winners to be seen in complete detail once they sit in the actual Museum. A photo of the back cover would be great as well. Please email to [email protected].

  2. Travis Goodwin

    I’m not sure if it helps or hurts the ‘kitsch-ability,’ but a small record label has re-released this album and you can preview every song in MP3 format. Hooray for the 21st Century!

    I think you’ll find the lyrical content of this unspoiled treasure to be both educational and shudder-inducing. Check your email for some nice up-close shots..

  3. MeshuggaMel

    Wow. This is brilliant. The signer is so earnest – there’s not a hit of irony to be found. It’s actually quite refreshing, even with the bizarre subject matter of the musical portrait.

    • Travis Goodwin

      Apparently Tedd Browne has become quite popular since his untimely death. Most consider him the greatest historical folk singer of all time. And yes, I was surprised to learn that there is a “historical folk” musical genre. I was also quite surprised to find out this particular album now sells for $200+.

  4. Travis Goodwin

    Indeed. It is. We’ll all have to get together and have a listening party!

    I doubt you’ll be shocked to learn that this album was given to me by my banjo teacher. Best of all, my other submission, “The Christopher Recordings on Sex Instruction” came from the Pickens Flea Market, a place I believe you know well.

    I believe that entire place qualifies for this blog.

  5. Mark Blackwell

    did you ever go to my dad’s flea market at our upper s.c. state fairgrounds in pickens back in the mid-to-late-70s? we had a pretty huge one going there for a while…man, i wish i could go back in time and go to it, can you imagine the stuff you’d find?! when i was a little kid i’d sell stuff there…it sickens me to think of what i must’ve gotten rid of…

  6. Mark Blackwell

    as a matter of fact, i just posted a greenville news photo of myself as a little kid taken in the very exhibit building where we held the flea market…you’ll find it in the kitsch posts from yesterday (the 29th)…