Sexual Pleasure in Marriage 1962 edition

Submitted by kookykitsch November 4th, 2009


  • Sexual Pleasure: The Neglected Art
  • The Modern Husband
  • The Responsive Wife
  • Myths and Facts about Sexual Compatibility
  • Overcoming Blocks to Pleasure
  • Can Pleasure Lead to Perversion?
  • Courtship in Marriage
  • Foreplay? Threshold to Pleasure
  • The Act of Coition
  • Postural Variations
  • Sexual Pleasure in Later Years

One Response to “Sexual Pleasure in Marriage 1962 edition”

  1. Allee Willis

    When the best quote you can get for the cover of your book is “… I haven’t seen anything better” you know you have the makings of a kitsch classic. I also like that all of the text on the cover is pushed so far to the right it almost gets cut off. The fact that it’s actually a little crooked makes it even better – look at the difference of how far from the edge the ‘L’ in ‘Sexual’ in the top line is from how close the period after M.D. at the bottom is. Bad art direction outside = very promising content inside.