4 Responses to “Christmas with Colonel Sanders LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    Now I’m sick because I realize I had this album and have no idea where it is. For years I’ve been flying the Hanukkah flag that time of year and dragging out seasoned vinyl like “Connie Francis Sings Jewish Favorites” and “Sing-Along In Yiddish With Marv Kurz”. I hope I didn’t melt The Colonel into a potato chip bowl or use him as a big Lazy Susan because I could definitely do with hearing his dulcet tones as I chomp down on some fried turkey this holiday season.

  2. Sandi V.

    This album has been a hot number at a couple of white elephant holiday parties. I emerged victorious a few years back, taking home the Colonel for a bit of winter cheer. And there’s another classic for the finding, Colonel Sanders Tijuana Picnic, surely at a thrift store near you.