One Response to “BeDazzler”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have just about every version of the BeDazzler that ever came out, including all the off brands that attempted to capitalize on the BeDazzling trend. This is one of those products that defines one of the very meanings of Kitsch: taking all your plain, ugly clothes and turning them into rhinestone studded ugly clothes.

    I could go on about the BeDazzler for centuries. Not just the brilliance of the product and the need it fulfills but that it was one of the first products to sell itself via an infomercial. I like infomercials better than movies and the BeDazzler is the The Birth of a Nation of infomercials.

    I’ve never bedazzled any of my clothing as I get enough heads turning as it is. But if I were a plainer Jane type you can bet I’d be beDazzeled from head to toe.