3 Responses to “Ronco Miracle Broom”

  1. Allee Willis

    There’s already one of these in the Museum but you can never have too many Ronco Miracle Brooms or vintage boxes, especially with the green enhanced psychedelic hue you’ve tweaked it to. I love the box and that the vacuum cleaner looks more like a Dyno Labeler or extreme stapler. I’m especially fond of the perfectly placed butts and ashes. We all know that the Miracle Broom was capable of getting most of that up but to whoever might have bought this carpet years later at a thrift store, I’m sure some remnants of this product shoot still remain.

  2. monica johnson

    this is the perfect appliance. it accomplishes its goals and while on your hands and knees you could do a few donkey kick excercises. everything good is seen on tv