4 Responses to “Bedroom Slippers”

  1. Allee Willis

    I would be life long friends if you made these for me and so I can’t imagine your friend still not padding around in these in style. As much as I’d try to keep these for myself were they mine my cats would have a field day, first picking off the lounging guy and then the ballerinas and then everything else that I’d find for the next six months wedged under sofa legs and stuffed under pillows and more of their “secret” hiding places.

  2. shirlie williams

    These slippers are just FAB, like Allee my cats would be on search & destroy. Ive always loved the ballerinas,you would get them on your Birthday cake or in the little musical boxes that held your secret jewels.

  3. windupkitty

    yep, these are too tempting for cats!! They reside in a closet for that reason! And yes! These ballerinas are m favorite too!!!! I got them at a party supply store (im’ obsessed with cake toppers and use them whenever/wherever i can!)….yeah, i had forgotten about the ballerina music boxes…..wow, i loved those…i had one in pink…..of course!

  4. kookykrafts

    These are so funny! A great use for cake toppers. I completely covered some converse tennis shoes recently with pom poms (they looked like clown shoes) for a fundraiser here in Phoenix (artist-designed converses). And although L.A. tops Phoenix in most things, we probably have one of the best cake decorating stores (ABC Cake supply). However, the kids took it over recently and the cake toppers are definitely not as neat as they used to be. Part of it is due to the fact that cool cake toppers are hard to find and they just don’t make some of the great designs anymore : ( .