6 Responses to “Lisa Whelchel cassette tape”

  1. Allee Willis

    I was too distracted in 1984. writing hundreds of songs and starting to dip my toes into art, to pay much attention to The Facts Of Life. I think I’m more excited by this cassette then the show anyway.

    I love that you still have cassettes. They were such a nightmare to write songs on compared to later digital methods. Trying to go back and find pieces of anything you liked was a horrifying experience so even looking at a cassette still sends shivers down my spine. Not as many as when I look at Lisa’s hairdo though, a style I hated even then. I think it was the hair on all those girls that bothered me more than anything on The Facts Of Life. Way too much ’80s going on.

    Do we still know if Lisa is still serving the Lord?

  2. windupkitty

    Oh wow. This is way cool. As far as I know, Lisa Welchel is still very much publicly serving the lord! I LOVED this show and wanted be Jo, who was extremely cool. This show had it all,man! Themes from teenage prostitution to comediennes with cerebral palsy, I was obsessed and mystified by their problems that would crop up and then resolve within 24 minutes. Ya gotta admit, Edna Garret, played by the incomparable Charlotte Rae was a KOTD all her own!