“Michael Forever” by Maria Dangell – Full ENGLISH Version

Submitted by tennwriter November 19th, 2009
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

Not to be portentous, but this video is a very important addition to the Museum. A booming baritone in a documentary would intone “Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS is kitsch.” The passion of this video exceeds that of the Christ; the ambition and zeal could scale Everest, but the talent could not be evinced by the most sensitive of Sonars. When I played this video, the Velveeta in my fridge melted; the Elvis clocks stopped; and the velvet paintings of sad-eyed children beamed. I know that Allee presents a wedge of Camembert to the makers or distributors of classic kitsch, but this video may require a wheel of Brie. To paraphrase the line from “Jaws”: You’re gonna need a bigger cheese.

7 Responses to ““Michael Forever” by Maria Dangell – Full ENGLISH Version”

  1. Allee Willis

    I don’t have enough to say about this video… Maria Dangell herself posted this video on my Facebook page a few days ago and I was stunned into silence, unable to comment (for many reasons). The line is so long to get to the cheese buffet on this one it deserves its own wing in the Museum. Thank you, Maria Dangell (and James, of course), for kitsch-starting my day and many more to come.

  2. tennwriter

    There is another aspect of this video that catapults it into the nosebleed section of kitsch: the singer sloshes and sways like Liza Minnelli. Sibilant and saccharine–I’m in Heaven.

    I was describing kitsch to the HBO people today, and decided a demonstration was better. I came to this site and played this clip. The room grew silent, jaws became slack. The faces looked as those on Calvary must have: horror, disbelief, sadness, skepticism, then laughter, nervous and quick.

    They will never think of a pitch as being “over the top” again. They have been to the mountain top.

  3. mariadangell

    Thank you so much, Allee Willis, for posting my tribute to MJ in your Museum! Thanks to everyone for the awesomely great comments on it! I’m so proud about it! Wow!!! (I don’t know why I didn’t register here before… Maybe I’ve been struck by the emotion for quite a long time!!!…)