Reach, The Watershed Edition

Submitted by windupkitty November 23rd, 2009
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Well, what can I say? I hope some excellent day, somebody submits me to my museum of kitsch, not that I’d ever stray from Allee’s. Here it is, the album the way it was meant to be honored: by itself, with more photos, and of course with the knowledge that it was birthed from the Queen of Kitsch. I don’t ever really read into things and I must admit, I don’t believe in much, but last evening, after being enlightened as to the origins of this fine and inspirational record set, I was driving up highway 101 and what happened to appear next me? That’s right, The freakin’ Wiener Mobile. I’m not kidding. I have Never, Ever, seen it in Northern California (though as a kid saw the older one around L.A. all the time and would always scream and wave). So yeah, first I find out that Allee was on team Reach and then, all of a sudden, the Wiener Mobile appears. Like I said, I’m the LAST person to go all spooky on this stuff, but I also certainly don’t want to turn my back if Dionne Warwick is trying to tell me something….That could be fatal…….or worse……..I think November 21st might be the official Kitschtastic? Kitschentines? Kitschoween?, ThanksKitschGivingsTinesDayOween (yes, that’s it) for me…Of course I want to see every bit of footage that Allee has of this era, but do understand the code of silence when it comes to friends. Share what you can, Queen of Kitsch, we will be happy with what you do!

Find Allee and Bruce:

8 Responses to “Reach, The Watershed Edition”

  1. Allee Willis

    I take your Wienermobile sighting as a sign that the gods of Kitsch are looking down upon you and wanted you to have an epifanal klusterKitsch experience you will never forget.

    Re Incredible stories, code of silence will have to prevail but at least I’ll dig up a photo or two of Richard and I back in the day. For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about go to this page and read the comments:

  2. windupkitty

    klusterkitsch!!! that’s y new favorite word!!!! you kill me!!!! i’m in tears!!! so glad i checked the awmok before the thanksgiving family torture day begins,which is a clusterF of a different kind! i’ll be back here tonight,i’m sure, catching up on the amazing posts and most likely marinating myself,post-family, in some sort of something as long as it’s at least 13.5% alcohol….makes the awmok experience even more intense! Happy Thanksgiving and looking forward to those pics of you and RS, the king of kitschercise!

  3. Jason Mecier

    This is one of those AMAZING LP’s that everyone in America is familiar with, whether it be the music or just recognizing the record cover alone. That is true pop culture! I mean this as the highest compliment, but I would bet a lot of money that there is a copy of this record sitting in every single thrift store in the country. You’ll find it right next to any random Barbara Streisand or Bette Midler record.

    The fact that this is one of Allee’s projects, (and that she’s on the cover!) is pure icing on the cake!

  4. Jason Mecier

    Allee, i had no idea you had the Richard Simmons connection, and I swear to God that Adam and I have previously discussed that if we were ever invited to one of those Bette Midler caliber Halloween parties that Adam would be Allee Willis and I would be Richard Simmons! I dont know if you’ve noticed the uncanny resemblances, but Adam can do a dead on impression of you, and i look EXACTLY like Richard Simmons when I’m wearing my short brown afro wig, hot shorts and red be-dazzled tank top. Serious.