6 Responses to “Lawry’s Lasagna sauce mix”

  1. Allee Willis

    Needless to say, your collection of vintage food products is knocking me out. I love Lawry’s anything, especially the seasoned salt which there must be massive doses of in this product. The color scheme on the packaging, with the lasagna looking as green as the background color, is especially nice.

    For anyone who hasn’t been to the actual Lawry’s restaurant on La Cienega in LA it’s an absolute must the next time you’re here. It’s a grand parlour of carted roast beef and the spinning salad technique is beyond a wonder to behold. Make sure you get a waitress over 80.

  2. windupkitty

    when i die, i want to be buried with a plastic jar of Lawry’s Seasoned Salt…there is nothing better than potatoes fried in loads if butter and a heart stopping dose of Lawry’s….the packaging on this is amazing. can you imagine looking at that in the grocery store aisle and thinking, “YUMMY!!!! Let’s have THAT for dinner!!!” You have got some incredible food stuffs, jason!

  3. jack

    I would be the first customer if you ever open a vintage grocery store. In fact, a trip to a grocery store would probably be one of my first stops if I ever go back in time.

  4. Jason Mecier

    a lot of the vintage food i have i bought from the corner store by my house, i have no idea how or why they stay open because they only carry a few things that people would actually want like soda and candy bars. i bought out most of the stores things that have been sitting on the shelves for 30 yrs. at first she was resistant because everything is so expired, but but then she just charged me whatever price it said on it. Now she hates me cause her son sold me all the old signs off the walls and she wont sell me anything anymore, even though i can SEE at least 7 cans of vintage hairspray thru the front window!