6 Responses to “Shruken Apple-Head Doll Kitchen Witch”

  1. Jason Mecier

    I’m OUTRAGED that this didn’t receive a certificate! you should be really scared, cause shes gonna get you!

    this is in our pantry…her hair is either made of burnt cotton balls or its actually singed afro hair, but I’m telling you she is freaking terrifying and I know has magic powers, just look into those eyes!

    • Allee Willis

      I thought there might be some picketing due to the fact that I did not award an apple head a certifiKitsch! The simple truth is that as co-writer of The Color Purple (musical), I can’t award anything with nappy hair, big lips, googly eyes and a broom in her hand an honor of any kind. As curator of such a distinguished repository as The Allee Willis Museum Of Kitsch @ awmok.com, I understand that apple people hold reserved seats in the theater of Kitsch. But I can’t do anything to proliferate racial stereotypes. I did consider that after 30 years the apple shrank to its present skin tone and maybe wasn’t originally portrayed in the school of Mammie. But the features give it away. There you have it!