2 Responses to “Cross Needlepoint (unfinished)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Now I want to know where you bought this. It absolutely kills me that something so basic as a cross and initials all made with 90¬∞ angles with no apparent plans to embroider anything else actually made it to the thrift shop shelves. Praise the Lord that it didn’t take a ride to the dump.

    Your photo would make a great Christmas card.

    The turned down corner is the piece de resistance. Thank you for not straightening it out.

  2. Jason Mecier

    yeah, i can’t believe that the went to all the work to get a piece of fabric, put it in the hoop, draw out the cross, sign it, do about 10 stitches….and then they just couldn’t manage to do 7 more stitches to finish the stupid thing!!!