This Album was Recorded in Front of a Studio Audience

Submitted by windupkitty November 24th, 2009

Laverne to Shirley: “AAAAAWWWWHHHHH, but whare awwwre we gonna get a bannnnd for da big daaaance down at Pop’s pizza palor at the last minute, Shirl????????

Front door bursts open, cheers from the audience, and a very nasal, “HEEEEELLLLOOOOO”

This record is pretty damn funny and was my first sighting of Nigel Tufnel too……and yeah, was recorded live at The Roxy in Hollywood….I wish they had made more records. The first song smacks shamelessly of Frank Zappa, which is so nice.

Have a listen:

One Response to “This Album was Recorded in Front of a Studio Audience”

  1. Allee Willis

    Although I was a compulsive collector of all things 1950’s since 1969, I found Laverne and Shirley to be too sentimental a re-enactment of my-favorite-decade-at-the-time. I was into the bright, colorful, modern futuristic look of the Atomic Age and didn’t want to be pulled into working-class Milwaukee sets. So I can’t appreciate this LP like you do even though I know any L&S fan would kill fot it! BTW, that isn’t to say I wouldn’t want to own L&S dolls.