3 Responses to “Salvador Dali and Gala”

  1. windupkitty

    oh wow, i was in Dali’s house in Cadaquez in 1998. I was in Spain for a family wedding and took a trip to Cadaquez and was able to tour the house. It was on a tiny harbor type area with it’s own little bit of a beach….so strange to be sort of in the middle of nowhere and then enter this amazing house. It was not very big at all, but woooooooowwwwww…the art, collections of stuff (could submit to the AWMOK for years and not be done) and decorations were incredible….he had a swimming pool with roman columns at one end which supported a covered sitting area filled with pillows, a massive snake that ran around the length of the pool and a life size MIchelin man in the bushes….and that was just a start…i was having serious anxiety when i went in because i couldn’t observe everything as long as i wanted to, and i really,really didn’t want to leave…it was such a strange and wonderful experience…this place really felt like home to me!!! i honestly considered moving there to become a docent so o could spend more time in the house! it was just amazing…….i often can’t remember much, but i can still see everything in that house..even the way the light shown in in the afternoon on certain walls….go if you can….definitely….