Submitted by monica johnson November 27th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

The Wraped Art pieces are done wrapping fabric around things like a spoon or any old thing whose shape inspires. RUN FOR THE ROSES is an ice cream scoop and something else from the kitchen, i forget what, because when it was born again as Diane, a horse racing fan, i no longer remembered what was underneath. I think more people should do that. She is at the Kentucky Derby in all her finery. She is very rich and is a Queen in some unprouncable country. But she is conflicted about power which is why she wears her crown askew.

SHE’S GOT LEGS can be looked at in two ways. She can be a round lady who is quite proper, but when she stands on her head she is an acrobat capable of wonderful moves.

BLUE BABY depicts the birth of the Trinket Kings Baby. a blue baby. The doll is vintage 40’s/50’s with eyes that open and close. She is holding up a tiny blue baby. The Trinket King is made from a straw mask, yarn fabric and trinkets. A real cigarette in his mouth.

– Bye Michael, Thanks For The Dance –
– Looks Are Everything –
– The Round Girl series –
– Jesus Saves On Shoes-
– Shh, She’s reading And Sleeping –


  1. Allee Willis

    What kills me most about these pieces is that they’re all wrapped around an object and by the time they’re finished only the artist knows what the object is. Oftentimes, as is the case with “Run For The Roses”, the object is long forgotten. Which makes no difference as true art is just about going as long as you see something in front of you.

    The detail in everything kills me. I love that they’re vertical stacks.

    Starting with an ice cream scoop and ending up as a piece about the Kentucky Derby is a mysterious and wonderful path known only to the artist. What’s so great is that these pieces can mean 6000 different things to 6000 different people and 6000 different things every single day those 12,000 eyeballs look at them.

  2. monica johnson

    This is exactly why i like it more than screenwriting (please god dont take that ability away, i just mean for now)..
    the idea that there is virtually no structure ..when i write i hang things on the story, so there is some freedom but still the story in itself is structure.
    plus rather than a mind excursion, you can finish and hold something in your hand.. i actually do that with scripts just to feel it, but with this, you could just give it to someone without actors, cameras, director and crew..

    • Allee Willis

      I feel the exact same way about collecting and writing about Kitsch and curating this Museum, all enabled by a nonlinear digital medium, versus songwriting and many of the other things I do in linear, traditional mediums. It’s total freedom to express yourself the way your brain thinks as opposed to how any institution tells you it has to be in order to be released.