1. Allee Willis

    Amen to the mirror knowing nothing. I certainly can see looking into it as part of the process to make yourself feel fine about what you’ve decided to wrap yourself in at any particular time but those who rely on it for validation are heading down a doomed path. I don’t care if you’re fat, thin, tattooed from head to toe, whatever, unless your mirror has magic powers to penetrate your skin it can’t begin to reflect what beauty is.

    I can’t see the detail of what’s on the floor. Some illumination please. And who is the little doll sitting on the teacup. Is she the inner child?

    Love that Miss Thin is on her toes, posed, taunt and judging, and that her chubbier counterpart is relaxed, letting it all hang out and scratching her ass as she waits her turn to tweak who she is today.

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  2. tennwriter

    I love the foundation of this piece, which appears to be cypress (is it?). In Louisiana, there is an entire genre of furniture crafted from cypress, and the ne plus ultra is a cypress-knee table. (It is considered good luck if your cypress is felled or pulled from its habitat with live creatures within and among it.)

    I love this piece, and I thought it was about the myth of beauty and the myth of identity. I’m imagining that those are movie or beauty magazines, and both of the women are caught in their attempts to shove their collective desires into whatever fashion caught their recent fancy. I don’t know if that is the inner child on the right, or the tiny and perfect ideal who smiles and remains distant and out of reach. (And what book is she holding? Being Southern and very prone to Gothic drama, I think it’s the Book of Life, and those two girls are tweezing and tweaking while their names, inscribed in invisible ink, are disappearing.)

    Well, appearances are deceiving, but they’re everything.

    Terrific piece of art.