5 Responses to “ACTOS Prescription Drug SNOW GLOBE (for type 2 diabetes)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Absolutely love this as all those little figures are doing cheerleading formations in the snow as if they’re so happy and celebrating their relationship with Dabetes. I’ve always appreciated how colorful things like promotional pens are at the doctor’s office, as if there’s nothing to worry about because the pens are so big and cheerful. Are the yellow and orange critters in the snow globe cells, molecules or what? I hope they keep playing over at their place and don’t want to come over here…

  2. monica johnson

    yes, big friendly things in terryfying situations is great comfort..when you shake it do sugar flakes fall on them? i love this

  3. flastere

    Any chance that this item is available for purchase? I had one of these, broke it, and would love to replace it. Please let me know. Thanks so much.