Ceramic Fish Ashtray

Submitted by Lasagne Lady Fitch December 9th, 2009

Again with the fish ashtray. I love the glazing and the design. Fish are fantastic in any form. Well, I don’t like the smell of rotting fish. But what we have here is another easily consumable fish to provide room for all the ashes that were accumulated in the 50’s. He has been underemployed since he moved to my house as no one smokes. So the job is just to look pretty.

2 Responses to “Ceramic Fish Ashtray”

  1. Allee Willis

    The design of this is fantastic. It’s totally atomic yet totally symmetrical. I used to not like this kind of spotted glaze but have come to appreciate it as the years go by as it represented a very forward thinking ceramicist. I love how the black spots in the ashtray depression make it so that as ashes accumulate there they seem part of the natural design as opposed to the dirty mess that they actually are.