Bombastic Revelers Holiday Candles

Submitted by Markydoodle December 13th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

About 15 years ago I bought these candles at a deep discount store for less than $10. I began to get a little angsty when I couldn’t find them in basement boxes a month ago because they are my favorite holiday decorations.

They speak to me about the inclination many of us have to be drawn toward those things that are slightly or profoundly silly, or that veer to the road less traveled.

This time of year I would offer that if we are being observed by creatures from a far-away planet, they probably find our religious differences quaint, but not that important. At the end of the cosmic day, one would hope they find more value in the fact that there are those among us that care about the others, are kind, and generous.

Side view reveals Fifi by her feet.

Now that I magnify it a bit, I see that there’s a leash to keep Fifi from running out in the street as well as a very strange looking pooch face.

Happy Holidays 2009.

2 Responses to “Bombastic Revelers Holiday Candles”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love candles like this but never buy them because I’ll never burn them and all that happens is they end up melting in a drawer on a hot summer day and then I throw them out.

    This couple is especially fashionable though my favorite part is Fifi. I’m so glad you included a profile view so we could see her but not as glad as I am that you named that little blob Fifi so I knew it was a dog. Just looks like some soiled snow from here.

    Judging by the sunglasses I’m guessing these are California revelers.