Star Wars Cookies

Submitted by jack December 13th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

These cookies were out when Return of the Jedi was at the theater in 1983. This was once full as you can see in the picture, but that isn’t the case anymore.

As you know I post a lot of full boxes of food here. I was always curious what the food in the box looked like after all those years, but was even more curious what that food tasted like. I was too scared to try it myself, but I found a courageous soul that was willing to do it. Since Syd was brave enough to volunteer to try them I sent the cookies to him to sample. He actually did eat the cookies and afterward he wrote an article about the experience, complete with pictures.

These following pictures are from Syd’s house for the article he wrote, and show part of his adventure in eating the two and a half decade old cookies. They are posted here with his permission.

Pictures alone don’t do the story justice though. If you would like to read about Syd’s culinary adventure, please read the article he wrote about it here:

I still have the empty box on my shelf. The story makes it more than worth not having the actual cookies anymore.

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