One Response to “Fast Food Wrapper Torso”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m sure whoever was the model for this would have preferred her 20-year-old body be swathed in fast food wrappers but this 60-year-old version of her body is most likely the result of what was wrapped in those wrappers x 26,000 stuffed into her epidermis like ground pig parts on their way to becoming ballpark franks.

    I, for one, love the texture of waxed tissue-papery fast food wrappings. If they didn’t have so much special sauce and processed cheese stuck to them I’m sure I would be saving them as anything that speaks to me texturally usually gets stashed away as an art supply. I’ve somehow been able to talk myself out of saving this stuff over the years but now that I see this I think perhaps I’ve acted too hastily. I’m on my way to Wienerschnitzel right now.