Joe Camel Cigarettes and Matches

Submitted by jack December 21st, 2009

Here is a pack of Camel cigarettes with Joe Camel gracing the box and a pack of matches to go along with it. Knowing that Joe Camel was probably about to go into mascot heaven made this a must have purchase for me. I personally don’t think Joe Camel was nearly as bad of an influence to make kids smoke as the toy cigarettes I posted earlier were though.

One Response to “Joe Camel Cigarettes and Matches”

  1. Allee Willis

    Joe Camel made me absolutely nuts. He was everywhere you looked and it seemed so insane to me that they popped a cigarette in the mouth of a camel. I wasn’t very into cocktail bar piano playing (unless it was seriously bad and kitschy) so the whole campaign was like pouring acid on my brain. I was incredibly relieved when he was given the boot as the spokesperson. With this said, I acknowledge that it’s a valuable collection piece for someone as aware of brands as you are. And I agree that toy cigarettes had far more influence on kids smoking than an idiotic looking camel.