Toreador print or charcoal drawing

Submitted by denny December 25th, 2009

Found this fabulous print at the Wellfleet Drive In Flea Market here on Cape Cod. I have a thing for toreador pants and jackets!

One Response to “Toreador print or charcoal drawing”

  1. Allee Willis

    Toreador prints, paintings and sculptures are a mainstay of Kitsch artifact culture.

    I also have a thing for toreador pants and jackets. Toreador outfits have always seemed incredibly unisex to me. The color combo on this sportsman, powder blue and gold, is excellent, especially as set off by his cape. Normally all red, this green backed one seems to be especially appropriate for me viewing it on this Christmas Day. I would tweak it so the hat and shoes were powder blue with gold trim. I have no intention of wearing it next to a bull but wouldn’t mind it wearing it out somewhere next Christmas.