Cougar Planter

Submitted by denny January 5th, 2010

I have three of these and never tire of them. I buy them when I can! My smallest one can fit in the palm of your hand! The cougar TV lamp eludes me!

2 Responses to “Cougar Planter”

  1. Allee Willis

    Along with pink flamingos, huge tail fined cars and harlequins, ceramic cougar/panthers were among the most iconic objects of the 1950s

    I have the cougar TV lamp (although I actually always thought it was a panther). I have two of them in fact! One black and one chartreuse, both the really large guys. I also had another cougar/panther planter but it was an earthquake victim. I have a teeny tiny cougar/ panther that was a handle on a candy dish and came loose in the same earthquake. The candy dish perished but the cougar/panther survived.