Through the Keyhole, you’ll find……

Submitted by windupkitty January 5th, 2010

An incredibly beautiful young thing who is slightly bored and confused as to why she’s not getting any attention from her companion…and next to her is a very happy, slightly self absorbed piano player who is confused as to why this girl keeps trying to get his attention when he is clearly trying to play the piano. Still, this is a look through a keyhole which is risque by default and I LOVE it! Why not celebrate peeping toms everywhere,even if the little peep will disappoint them!?!?

One Response to “Through the Keyhole, you’ll find……”

  1. Allee Willis

    Peter Duchin was one of those fancy MOR piano players in the 1960s whose records, though immensely popular, never got on American Bandstand so despite his excellent musicianship he fell off my radar because he was too adult for the hipster/ sorority/go-go/ hippie loving girl I was in that decade.

    Anytime a keyhole becomes the primary graphic it indicates to me that an art director didn’t want to have to deal with designing a whole set. Which is a shame as I can’t even imagine how the rest of the room that we can’t see was decorated. Maybe it was so we focused more on the girl’s hairdo with the incredible little extra flip protruding out of the back of her head.

    I also can’t imagine how frustrated Duchin was having to play that toy piano or miniature organ they had on the set that day.

    I love the title, “Darn That Dream”. If that’s the extent of your emotion when the dream dies then perhaps this is the LP you deserve,