2 Responses to “Vintage Helmac lint pic-up roller with Arthur Godfrey”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m officially so jealous of this I can’t stand it! I love when celebrities endorse products that have been nothing to do with them or their careers, not to mention how much I love the Kitsch factor of lint rollers themselves, especially early ones like this that stuck to your fingers, infesting your pores with hair, pet dander and assorted crumbs they lift off whatever they were rolled on, eventually pulling off as much fabric as what was soiling it.

    Arthur Godfrey was a TV and radio icon in the 1950’s and 60’s. I collected lots of Arthur stuff until I heard he was anti-Semetic, infamous for banning Jews from singing in the Kenilworth Hotel he owned in Miami. Although he disputed that claim, if it’s true I ‘d use this lint roller to mop him up and throw him out with the rest of the crumbs. In the meantime, I would’ve snapped this lint roller up had I seen it first!

  2. monica johnson

    the best. Yes, anti semetic, mean to people . america loved him . i remember vaguely he used to talk about being irish as if it were a nobel prize.