Green with Jalousie

Submitted by windupkitty January 11th, 2010

I love this record and the cover. I’ve rescued a lot of cats, but I’ve never seen one this color. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed though….

4 Responses to “Green with Jalousie”

  1. Allee Willis

    Does the fact that it’s spelled wrong mean that Arthur Fiedler was extra JEALOUS? Does the fact that the budget for art direction was zero mean that even the cat belonged to Fiedler? Windupkitty, do the songs have anything to do with jealousy, cats or the color green?

  2. windupkitty

    hahahah! yeah! Jalousie is an old tango standard and a fave of mine, for sure…you’ll recognize it when you hear it!

    the rest of the record has nothing to do with cats or feelings of envy but all of the songs are “in the latin flavor” (as per the album description!):

    Le Cid: CAstillane, Aragonaise, Navarraise, Il Guarany Overature, La Sorella, Espana Cani, Brazillian Dance, Zacatecas, Jamaican Rhumba, Danze Piemontesi