Troll Earrings Complete the Outfit!

Submitted by MyFunCloset January 11th, 2010

An ideal fashion statement for a first date with THE hunk you’ve had your eyes on. Now, don’t be surprised if he takes you to THE best restaurant in town for the world to see what great taste he has in women.

One Response to “Troll Earrings Complete the Outfit!”

  1. Allee Willis

    I was absolutely obsessed with trolls when they got hugely popular in the late ’60s. I had males, females, Nordic, hippie and psychedelic trolls. I never had the earrings though. I pierced my ears when I was 16 and was so horrified by the pain of the needle I decided I couldn’t deal with sticking anything else in there so I have virginal ears as far as pierced earrings go.