4 Responses to “May your cup always be two-turds full in Vermont”

  1. Allee Willis

    It’s hard for me to accept that the best thing that anyone could come up with for a souvenir from Vermont was a cup of shit. Yes, I get the play on words of rather than having a cup of coffee that was two thirds full it be two turds full but wouldn’t something about skiing, maple syrup or it being a great place to vacation have been slightly more appetizing? This is really an astounding piece of state souvenir Kitsch.

  2. denny

    Oh my god! I just found one of these today but it’s slightly different. The turds in my cup are really brown as opposed to the vitamin deficiency ones seen in these turds. My simply says “may your cup always be two-turds full and only has a moose on it. It’s made in Alaska.