BEE GEE’S Restaurant of Albertville: MMM-MMM-GOOD!

Submitted by Julie Brumlik January 14th, 2010


Popular Christian lunch spot in Albertville .. named for Brent & Gaye Rains: “Bee” for Brent and “Gee’ for Gaye.

There’s a map, but anyone can tell you how to get there:

The food is MMM-MMM-GOOD! Saying Grace is encouraged.

Prices are fair as can be:

Now featuring Break Fast SPECIALS with farm fresh eggs and/or Pancakes. Advil available.

Family friendly, with 8 candy & gumball dispensers. No smoking.

Coming soon to a grocery near you: Bee Gee’s Famous Chicken Sauce!

Not just for chicken! try it on burgers and corn dogs!

8 Responses to “BEE GEE’S Restaurant of Albertville: MMM-MMM-GOOD!”

  1. Allee Willis

    If I lived in Alberville I’d be making weekly pilgrimages to Bee Gee’s.

    I immediately love establishments that brazenly embrace the name of a famous person or persons. Now maybe Bee Gees was around before The Bee Gees- other than the white brick wall with the occasional red and yellow brick coupled with the white tile make this look very 80s. Then there is the bee hovering over the hamburger on the sign outside. So maybe it’s like Bee, the insect, and Gee as in ‘gee, the food here is really good!’. Then, of course, the owners initials could be BG and they’re just trying to pump it up with the spelling.

    It’s always an excellent barometer of a restaurant having some kitsch characteristics when the sign out front proclaims it’s ‘mmm, mmm good’.

    Excellent that there are eight candy and gum ball dispensers

    The best sign of all is that they make their own Chicken Sauce and that it comes in a squeeze bottle with a bee holding a tip bucket.

  2. Julie Brumlik

    Thank you Denny! gotta love that Chicken Sauce ad with the funky deelybopper bee bottle superimposed on a fancy garlic soup photo.

    I asked my friend Blaine, who is related to the owners, what is in the secret recipe. He confided, “craw dad tails, eye of nute,crows feet stuff like that the rest is shhhhhh surprize.”

  3. Mark Blackwell

    i love it! i wanna go to bee gee’s! this actually triggers my hunger for “bee bee’s – burgers & beef” (i’ve never quite understood why they distinguish “burgers” from “beef” in the name) which is the closest local hole-in-the-wall burger joint to my neighborhood back where i grew up in greenville, south carolina – also sporting a bee logo, of course.

    despite the fact that bee bee’s has a kinda nutty right-winger vibe (sporting special combo plates named after lunatic radio djs such as “the rush limbaugh” and “the mike gallagher,” plus an ever-evolving assortment of outdated and offensive political cartoons on their bulletin board), it’s always on my list of essential places to visit on trips back to s.c….