OK, Allee, Here’s the Pic of Me and Dick!

Submitted by windupkitty January 15th, 2010
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This was taken about 600 million years ago….I can’t even believe that’s me in the photo! Meanwhile, did I tell you about the jumpsuit,or what? He’s an amazing player and I feel very lucky to have met him. Believe it or not, I sometimes tend towards shy and am usually not the type of fan to pester the ones I admire (Allee may not agree! LOL!!!!), but I couldn’t resist asking for a photo…he was a lovely and polite guy…..This is a really nice memory for me and one I’ll certainly cherish forever (in case my gigantic, ridiculous grin didn’t already communicate that)!

4 Responses to “OK, Allee, Here’s the Pic of Me and Dick!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Sorry this took me so long to post that I don’t remember the name of the LP you posted a couple of weeks ago featuring said Dick, Contino that is, a Kitsch legend on the accordion. For anyone who doesn’t know who Dick Contino was/is, wiki now.

    You look exceptionally excited to be in his clutches. When you say jumpsuit I’m assuming you mean he’s wearing one. I can only hope it was polyester. Love the amount of chest hair the jumpsuit is featuring.

    Go Dick (and windupkitty)! And post the link of the Lp if u remember which one it is.

    • windupkitty

      I think we got on the subject of Dick Contino cause Denny posted his much-coveted-by-me movie poster of Girls Town (a film that Dick Contino starred in)…Yeah, sorry I don’t have a full body shot…that’s a one piece jumpsuit he’s wearing and if I remember correctly, there were flares at the bottom….yeah, i was pretty excited, i have to admit! he practically left bruises on my arms when he squeezed me; the guy is strong!

    • windupkitty

      hahah! thanks denny! yeah, i’d like people to think i still look like that, but true confessions would reveal i’m now a tired old morbidly obese brunette! oh well! i’m pretty sure that spending enough time on the awmok and drinking enough scotch (me and the people who see me?!) will remedy that! btw, you’re a handsome devil yourself!