9 Responses to “Cher gains weight but keeps her fan base”

  1. Allee Willis

    Most impressive about this expanded version of Cher is her super leg poking out. Did the other leg remain normal size and her body just swallowed it up?

    I love the Rocky Horror people as bodyguards although so far it appears they’ve done nothing to stop this half breed from turning into 12 and 1/2 breeds.

  2. denny

    This is fabulous! Do you think that pink boa is hiding a dark secret of some sort? No one wore garters like Tim Curry, not even me.

  3. monica johnson

    the pink boa is hiding a burger and fries.
    the body guards arent there to gaurd her from food, they are there to make sure no one takes her food..weight is not something they generally condone, even scorn but its cher! glamorus at any weight,

  4. windupkitty

    as usual, i wish i had something clever to say, but am left speechless by your incredible creation! i LOVE this piece….might have to print this one out too and hang it up!!!! her leg is beautiful…i LOVE it! and her food deflectors are so well cast….i hope i’m this glamorous some day!!!!

  5. johanna went

    I’m happy to see LEG peeking out of Cher’s boa. I find LEG to be a balancing element and an indication that creative forces eventually emerge from what we conceive as chaos.
    I hope that Cher is proud of Chas. I know that I am. I find Chas to be so much more appealing than anyone that Cher has dated.
    In fact I wish that the handsome Chas would sweep LEG off of her foot and that they would run (and hop) away together and live happily ever after (in a house not designed by Cher).
    Not that I don’t enjoy Cher’s decorating skills, because I do, but the Chas of my imagination has more understated tastes in home furnishings.
    LEG is comfortable in any environment.