4 Responses to “Trailer Park, Morro Bay, CA.”

  1. Allee Willis

    No one loves Airstream’s more than me and no one would think about plopping one in their driveway and using it as an office or closet or something more than me. But even I wouldn’t think of permanently ‘cementing’ it in with topiary, plants and a plastic seating area so it became the beautiful sculpture it is here.

    The massive square bushes kill me. I also love the placement of the one tall potted plant in order to hide that thing popping up on the back of the airstream. I don’t know enough about trailers to know if that’s an extra motor, a refrigerator, a little U-Haul unit or what but I love that there’s a petite sand hill, rocks and the tall plant to make it look like part of nature’s scenery.

    I wonder if this is this person’s complete house as it’s divided by a not so neatly sculpted hedge from the house next door.

  2. Mark Milligan

    Allee the boxes on the Airstream located behind that petite sand hill, rocks, and tall plant, is housing the propane tanks, and that little business of plant and stone also hide the hitch, so it’s the front of the trailer. We owned a ’64, and of course, I should’ve never sold it! Streamline Moderne on wheels.

    • Allee Willis

      I love that you know all the fine details of trailer life! One day I hope to have one parked in my drive (though there is no room in my drive until I get the Studebaker off blocks. Which means I’ll probably never have an airstream parked in my drive).

  3. Mark Milligan

    Who among us might call home a Winnebago parked in Burbank on Oak or North Hollywood Way? At the other end of the spectrum, http://www.maliburv.com is where I’ve been told for awhile actor Matthew McConaghey owned and parked two identical Airstreams side by side before he bought some $ mega million place on the beach out there.