Emilio Pucci SPACE BUBBLE HAT – Airline fashions from the 60’s

Submitted by denny January 23rd, 2010
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I am absolutely in awe over the recent discovery of this incredible fashion statement! Come to find out that Emilio Pucci designed the fashions for most of the airlines back in the 60’s and designed this hat, “The Space Bubble Hat”. It was worn by stewardesses. It was designed to keep their hair nice n’neat and to protect it from the elements. Back in the day, they had to run from the airport and across the tarmac and up the stairs into the plane, they had to keep their hair neat! This hat makes me nuts, it’s truly a fabulous piece and I want one. here are several examples.

A great black & white, random shot of a late 60’s airline stewardess.

This picture started it all for me. I love the sweet tart colors.

I mean really. Look at it, don’t you just want one? Braniff Airlines.

11 Responses to “Emilio Pucci SPACE BUBBLE HAT – Airline fashions from the 60’s”

  1. Allee Willis

    Given that my alter-ego’s name is Bubbles and that I collect things in bubble shapes, especially if they’re mounted on Saarinen style pedestals, I’m pre-disposed to love this look.

    1967 was such an incredible time for bubble anything. A clear bubble was the perfect icon for the most modern aspects of Space Age design. It was an incredibly positive time in art, music, clothing design, graphic design – every little fold in the fabric of Art was brightly lit and often bubbled.

    Airline employee fashion, led by Braniff, the first to paint smiles on their planes and dress staff like runway models, made air travel fun and appealing, unlike today where rather than put a premium on fashion you have to wear your worst socks because you’re going to be tramping without shoes through Security. And then jammed into a seat dosed with pretzel crumbs and a front pocket stuffed with used Kleenex because the poorly dressed stewardesses and stewards aren’t paid enough to clean them.

  2. MeshuggaMel

    This is far more awesome than the glorified shower caps that state troopers put on their hats in the rain. If Smokey had one of these, I think it might actually be worth the ticket!

  3. denny

    This look just makes me crazy and if a state trooper stopped me and he was wearing this hat, he could give me all the tickets he wanted to. Well not really but that is a good thought.

  4. windupkitty

    a devoted fan of early airline stewardess fashion (I used to collect the dresses in particular, but sold most of them over the years to pay bills; thanks american health care system!), I actually saw one of these on ebay about 8 years ago…it was being sold by someone in france and i watched helplessly while it was bid into the thousands….meanwhile, there’s a place near me called TAP Plastics, so now my wheels are turning!!!

  5. Nessa

    I’m crazy about these! Did you know they made Barbie-size versions of this and other Braniff uniforms, including a pilot getup for Ken? They weren’t officially licensed for Barbie, but they look great on her. They are fantastic and really expensive and collectible, so alas I don’t have any in my collection that I can show you.

  6. denny

    You made my night with this! How fab! Thanks for posting this. I am never going to lose hope that one day I will own one of these!