3 Responses to “Al Dexter “The Original Pistol Packin’ Mama LP on the Hilltop Label”

  1. Allee Willis

    It’s not the big ol’ gun that the original Pistol Packing Mama is pointing at me so much as her name is Al!

    I love the lace gloves Рlooks like Al may have consulted a macramé magazine to prep for her shoot.

    Only the title song seems to have anything to do with pistols. Always an excellent sign of Kitsch in da house.

  2. denny

    She looks as if she grabbed her table cloth for a quick photo shoot outfit! Red gingham? Don’t forget, this is only for stereo phonographs…..as if….

  3. MeshuggaMel

    Hmmm. No bullets in the magazine. Probably a good thing for the photographer. I bet if you searched enough, you’d find she did another record called “Thumb wrestling with Dexterous Al Dexter”