Our Lady of the Middle of Nowhere

Submitted by MrBajeebus January 28th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner
Both beautiful, and utterly kitschy, from Her slightly oversized, tanned nose, to the statue of Joseph wearing Mardi Gras beads… I fell in love with this place the moment I first came upon it.

Located on the side of US Highway 60, just outside Miami Arizona, this shrine is very obviously loved and kept.

I think the plastic flowers add a particularly poignant touch, and are the ultimate of practicality in this desert environment. The photos range from as early as the Korean War to some that appear very recent.

We can all only hope that upon our demise, someone loves us enough to enshrine our image, protected by stone, and an iron gate, and surrounded by Bearded Lady Jesus candles.

8 Responses to “Our Lady of the Middle of Nowhere”

  1. Allee Willis

    The title sums it up perfectly. This place looks it is, in fact, in the middle of nowhere but once inside it’s a thriving metropolis of religious and familial clutter, as it should be in the perfect little kitsch world it inhabits.

    As much as I love the combination of stuff and the mere thought of a Bearded Lady Jesus, not to mention that there’s actually a town called Miami in Arizona, my favorite thing is the carving of the bushes outside, somewhere between columns, which I suspect is what they were going for, and mushroom clouds.

    Now I want to know if there are there any similar attractions nearby. This could be a road trip.

  2. Mark Milligan

    What an aura this thing throws off! My chakras are buzzing. I love it, and will go there. 90 minutes east of Phoenix, oh yeah, I’m goin’ next time I’m visiting that town.

  3. shirlie williams

    This is wonderful, Ive seen a few in France like this but with fewer contents. My living room would resemble this if my husband was keen but he’s not……