4 Responses to “Gold Ship Collage (a gold and plastic wall hanging)”

  1. Allee Willis

    With a combo of fake gold and plastic, two popular components of so much Kitsch, you can’t go wrong. Then throw a ship in and you’ve got something that should be hanging on your wall if you can stand to look at something that’s a tad busy and bright.

    So many kitschy interpretations of ships have been done via string paintings, paint paintings and that thin kind 70’s burnt metal that I feel like declaring ships the national transportation of Kitsch. Not my taste but kitschtastic for sure.

  2. denny

    It’s funny, I grew up surrounded by ship art! So they are not my favorite kitsch item but this was too good not to photograph!

  3. windupkitty

    wow, Savers is here in Northern California too, but the stuff has really declined…I used to find records here like crazy, but now everything’s sort of gone and overpriced…..the nice thing left about it is that the homeless are still allowed to hang out upstairs during the day…..nice to see some people who really need it getting a bit of sleep on the “for sale” couches…maybe i shouldn’t publish this; hope the corporates don’t see it and make changes! meanwhile,yeah, ships……what was the attraction for decorating!!!!?????

  4. denny

    Really. I thought that Savers was just a Florida thing. I do have a hard time spending 5.00 for a t shirt! Goodwill prices have increased as well!