Joy of Liberace, Retro Recipes From Americas Kitschiest Kitchen

Submitted by oliveparrot January 28th, 2010
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“Joy of Liberace, Retro Recipes From Americas Kitschiest Kitchen” is a celebration of that most iconic of kitsch, Mr. Showmanship himself. Filled with pictures of Liberace, his home, and his recipes perfectly executed by the executive chef staff at the Riviera Hotel and Casino, the book is a roadmap to Kitsch entertaining at its best.

5 Responses to “Joy of Liberace, Retro Recipes From Americas Kitschiest Kitchen”

  1. Allee Willis

    I don’t even need to see any of these recipes to know that I would be happy to sit at the dinner table or gather around the piano bar when anything in this book was being served.

    Given Liberace’s penchant for overdoing everything and seeing as these recipes were executed by his executive chef are the dishes very fancy or, in a perfect kitsch world, did Lee tip towards junk food? No matter which way that goes I would imagine one would dress for dinner.

  2. oliveparrot

    Liberace recipe names speak for themselves: “Fruit, Fruitier, Fruitiest Salad”, “Mother Knows Best Potato Salad”, “You’ll Thank Me Later Codfish Cakes”, “Poofy Puffy Spuds”, “Decorative Crab Balls”, “Chicken a-la King of Bling”, “Super=Swingin’ Sweet Potatoes”, “Flamboyant Flambe of Sirloin”, “Big Brazen Brownies”, “Brawny Austrian Torte”, and “Hello Gorgeous Lime Souffle Pie” are just SOME of the “fabulous, darling” recipies in the book. ALL of the recipies are from Liberace’s own personal stash, discovered in the dusty archives of the Liberace Museum.

    Thanks so much for the shout-out- we had SOOO much fun making this book ;-) warmly, Michael & Karan Feder (authors)

  3. denny

    Are you kidding me! This is amazing and I think I need to try the “Decorative Crab Balls” and “The Poofy Puffy Spuds”. I had no idea Liberace could also work magic in the kitchen.

  4. oliveparrot

    Denny, in fact, Liberace brought his cooking kit (made by Halliburton) on the road, and cooked over the bathtub in his hotel rooms- often for some famous friends. Of course, this was before smoke detectors ;-) The cookbook has a very complete introduction, complete with some iconic pictures… You can find it on Amazon. best, Michael Feder