Charm School picture (late 50’s)

Submitted by denny January 29th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This is actually my Mother. I love everything about this photo. The outfit, the hair (a modified flip of course) and the background faces are priceless, I had to adjust the size of the pic so you can’t see all the faces in the audience!

7 Responses to “Charm School picture (late 50’s)”

  1. Allee Willis

    It is beyond classic and priceless. A little too stylish all the way around to be kitsch but I’m awarding it a certifiKitsch anyway because everything is so pristine and perfect.

    The two flips in complementary colors in the first photo slay me. I hope your mom got to keep the outfit in the second. Not to say that I hope she didn’t make away with that dress in the first photo. It’s GORGEOUS.

    I’m assuming your mom got an A in Charm School? And where was the school?

  2. denny

    These outfits are long gone and it makes me really sad! I do remember Mom wearing this type of shoe tho, the heels that is. I would often take them out and play with them and clomp up and down the street pretending to be the mommy when we played house.

  3. denny

    The red flip is amazing huh?! Funny, I was talking to Mom and she said the bee-hive was the worst hairdo she ever had. She said she liked the flip but the beehive was too much to maintain. I have only one pic of her beehive hiding somewhere around here….

  4. windupkitty

    without meaning to be sexist, i have to say, your mom is a stone cold fox! she looks SO fabulous and these pics have completely made my day!!!! honestly, i wish we all still dressed like that (said the girl who wears pajamas all day!)….that blue dress and the blue satin pumps to match have broken my heart in the best of ways….like roy orbison’s voice….sigh…..:)

  5. denny

    Thanks for all these wonderful comments here. I too think the same things. You have to know this woman, as I have said before, I am a lucky guy to have such a wonderful mother. You should see us hitting the thrift shops, we make a day of it and run around hitting every one we can find when I am in the Philly area.

  6. Vonciel

    I have to agree with Allee, denny–those pictures are too fabulously stylish! Your mom is so beautiful and poised! Loved looking at them! And Red Flip is carrying a basket which I bet has the charm school Certificates of Completion in it!

  7. denny

    My mother said not too long ago, “why do you want those awful pics”, She had a fit when she knew I had these framed and hanging in my house. Thanks Vonicel, I am happy to share them with everyone here!