4 Responses to “Jerry Williams, “Number One” video”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love the short 60s tapered pants, pointy Beatle shoes, maroon socks and beyond anything the sloooooowww sway that Jerry leads his gang in. STUPENDOUS MOVES! Jerry’s body twitch at :28 and group dip at :31 are especially impressive. Actually, the more I look at this clip the more I realize I can’t single out any one body move/twitch as every step of this Valium induced choreography is really unequaled. But just as I typed this the guitar solo came on at 1:00 and really, click the video to see this RiGHT NOW!

    I wonder if Jerry himself choreographed this? I wonder if Jerry still runs through this routine every day? I wonder who’s doing it with him?