Dinah Shore Cook Book

Submitted by rustyamo February 2nd, 2010
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I am to young to have been a fan of Dinah Shore the singer – but I was and still am a fan of Dinah Shore the talk show host – that is what I grew up on

I will admit in the years since I have become a big fan of Dinah the singer and have her greatist hits on my iPOD

Dinah was know to be a excellent cook and her Hollywood sit down dinners were a much sought after invitation

She incorporated a lot of cooking segments on her talk show

This is one of her many cook books that I found on ebay – the reason I bought it was not because I like to cook – oh no not me – the only thing I make good is reservations

I bought this because it was autographed

8 Responses to “Dinah Shore Cook Book”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m with you on my primary relationship with food being to make a reservation to eat it as opposed to cooking it myself.

    I LOVE Dinah Shore. She was way cool, a cougar before her time, had a sparkling personality, a great voice albeit a little too MOR for my tastes, a great talk show and even greater cookbooks. I own one a little older than this called “Someone’s in the Kitchen with Dinah”. Were I ever to attempt cooking it would surely be something from that book like Harmony McCoy’s Soul Food, Cheesecake Cookies or Rice Pudding from the Riviera Hotel.

  2. rustyamo

    You are so correct about dinah being the ultimate cougar – she had Burt in his prime – they were in LOVE – Dinah a nice Jewish girl from Tennesse is buried at Hillside near Lorne Greene and Michael Landon – and a bunch of other nice Jews – great cemetry to visit

  3. windupkitty

    i love,love,love dinah shore! i love her voice, she’s so smart and so funny and yeah, MEOW!!!!!…seriously, she coulda kicked anyone’s ass and i presume she often did and did it with style and grace! here’s one of my favorite youtubes ever! ms shore and pearl baily…another righteous female!!!

  4. denny

    I’ve been to the Dinah Shore golf weekend get-a-ways in Palm Springs! Of course it was mixing a “white party” with the Dinah Shore crowd that made for great conversation! This was an incredible find!